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How to Wear a Pashmina?

   => Drape the Pashmina over the shoulders like a shawl. Holding a narrow end of the scarf in each hand, pull the scarf toward the middle of the body and tie it in the middle.

   => Use the Pashmina as a draped piece. Instead of placing the accessory around the shoulders, let the ends loosely fall over the inner crook of the elbow. This look is wonderful for evening and cocktail wear.

   => Try a simple loop for daily wear. Rest the scarf on the back of the neck, and let the ends hang over the chest. One end should be a bit lower than the other. Take the lower-hanging end and wind it around the neck, bringing it back down to lie flat. Adjust for symmetry to taste.

Enjoy many other styles: Tie the Pashmina into a noose style. Fold the Pashmina in half widthwise to create a loop. Take the folded scarf and rest it against the neck at the scarf's halfway point, holding the loop in one hand and the loose ends in the other. Reach through the loop and grab the loose ends, pulling them through. Arrange the fabric to suit.

Be versatile and wear a Pashmina in a style that suits the occasion. An off shoulder look for Evening Pashmina shawls is always beautiful and stylish. Wear your Pashmina Wrap with a knot in the center style for office wear for convenience. Wear your shawl in a manner that shows the beauty of the Pashmina, the designer embroidery or beautiful hand painting or even just a simple pattern in a manner that makes it the focal point of the outfit.

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